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Silver Jubilee Graduation

In the 25th Year, the first class graduating from the Grihini Community College received a diploma accredited by Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Grihini Class of 2012

Grihini Class of 2012

The first graduating class from the Grihini Community College represent a major achievement in the history of Grihini. These graduates now, for the first time, have an accredited diploma that is recognised both by universities and industries where they will gain employment or enrol to do further study. Celebrations included songs, dances, speeches and dramatisation of social justice in the villages.

Speakers included Fr. Joseph Muthu, Director of Loyola IGNOU Community College who played a key role in facilitating the transition of Grihini into becoming a community college. Other speakers included Dr. Shunmugam, Regional Director of Indira Gandhi National Open Univserity, the institution which accredits the Grihini diploma. Fr Athma Raj, Director of Arvind IGNOU Community College in Chennai said that he was so proud that students trained at Grihini could now assist professionals to care of young people with disabilities.

The current Grihini class in the image above are now studying in the four accredited streams, namely, office management, computer application, fashion garment design and multi-disciplinary rehabilitation.

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