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Social Justice for Village Women

After 25 years of growing awareness in social justice issues, Grihini women have become change agents in their villages.


Drama depicting mistreatment of Dalits on buses

Shanti also spoke about the role of Grihini women in the villages. When there is an issue of social justice, such as the need to obtain clean water for Dalits, Grihini women meet in the village sangam and lead the discussion. Their Grihini background gives them not only an awareness of social issues and how to tackle them, but also the confidence to take the lead. In some cases Grihini women become members of local councils to effect change, such as roads into a remote village, electricity and taps with fresh water.

Another program initiated by Grihini was a small saving scheme which became a way of liberating Grihini women from the control of landlords or moneylenders. Also important have been Grihini reunions where women from different villages gather to discuss their social justice problems and how best to handle them.

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