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The Wider Impact of Grihini

For over 25 years the Jesuit community at Sacred Heart College has supported Grihini and been influenced by its values.


Welcome at gate of Sacred Heart where Grihini is located

In his keynote address Fr Arokiam recalled how Fr Peter Royappa saw a need to open the gates to marginalised women and welcomed the first Grihini class onto the campus of Sacred Heart College where the program continues to this day.

Fr Arokiam claims that Grihini inspired the Jesuits to initiate a number of courses of action for the liberation of poor women. These include the formation of a Jesuit social apostolate for Tamil Nadu, the creation of the PEAK (People’s Education and Action at Kodaikanal) team to serve in the remote villages of the Palni Hills and the establishing of several schools for women elsewhere in Tamil Nadu based on the Grihini model.

Fr Arokiam also stated that because of the Grihini program the Jesuits involved began to see the need to extend their liberation theology to include nonformal education for women.

Fr Xavier and Fr Kulandai also supported the Grihini program through their involvement in the PEAK team. Fr Xavier recalls visiting a fairly expensive hospital and was impressed to discover a Grihini woman paying for her husband’s hospital care because she said ‘Grihini has enabled me to earn enough to care for my husband!’

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