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Women Care for Disabled

After 25 years Grihini added a special program to educate women who can help care for young people with disabilities including those in remote villages.

Receiving Diploma

Grihini receiving university accredited diploma

Mr Athmaraj is director of Arvind Community College with which Grihini is now affiliated and which provides staff to help in the Grihini program. His dream, given his own child with disabilities, is that young people in remote villages who have disabilities would have people to help them live happy lives even if they find it hard to express their needs.

As a result of his association with Dency Michael, who has been involved in this field of work for years, a stream was added to the Grihini program that would provide special coaching in physiotherapy for those planning to be carers for young people with disabilities. Such a development is in tune with the social justice orientation of Grihini focusing not only on the lack of education for most disabled children in remote villages, but also their inability to fight the prejudices many of them face in their poor communities.

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