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Education Levels

The following educational levels are now represented in the new Grihini Program

a) Those have completed 9th Standard but failed 10th standard but could benefit from basic program offered by Grihini and would enable them to appear for government exams in March 2011 as private students.

b) Those who passed Grade 10 and who could be granted a vocational diploma from the community college that would facilitate their employment in specified fields.

c) Those with additional education who could participate in a specialised program, such as the field of disability, with a diploma specific to their skills.


The goal of the Grihini Community College is to provide education appropriate to the needs of the poor, marginalised and poorly educated Dalit, repatriates from Sri Lanka and Tribal young women of the villages in the Palni Hills so that they will be able to improve both conditions in their villages and find suitable employment.

Motto: The motto of our Community college is “Fit for life, fit for job and be happy”. Our Grihini formation and awareness is imparted to the students through various activities and classes. The students are highly motivated and very enthusiastic to learn.

An awareness poster depicting oppression of women

An awareness poster depicting oppression of women

The major objectives of the current program are

• To recruit poor women with education up to 10th standard

• To provide basic education in life and communication skills including basic English

• To provide practical skills in specific areas appropriate to the context, including garment design and office management

• To enable these women to reach the level to obtain a diploma

• To enable theses women to have the skills to obtain employment

• To empower the women to become agents of change in poor villages.

• To offer a specialised programs in multi-discipline rehabilitation for people living with disabilities.

Program Areas

The Grihini Community College now offers courses in four major areas, namely,

• Office Management

• Fashion Garment Designing

• Computer Application

• Multi-disciplinary Rehabilitation

There are regularly about 12 students in each stream, all of whom are involved in internships in Tamil Nadu.

Activities and Outputs

Diplomas: Our students will be awarded diplomas by accredited educational institutions in India. The students do not need to appear for an external examination.

Computer Lab: A state of the art computer lab has been constructed to enable all students to become computer literate. All the computers have broad band internet connection.

Project Work: The College will arrange suitable venues for project work related to the specialist skills being gained.

Placement: One of the major commitments of the new Community College is that it will help find placement for all the students upon their successful completion of the course.

Renovations for the new program:

• A Tailoring Lab for fashion garment designing

• A fully furnished common class room has been added

• Two offices for educational and business transactions for the Principal and the Administrator

• Complete rewiring of the building

• Whitewashing and painting of all the buildings

• A new dining room with tables and benches

• New sinks

• A tin roofed area for washing the vessels

• Complete revamping of the plumbing

A Tailoring Class at Grihini

A Tailoring Class at Grihini

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