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After 25 years Grihini celebrated its Silver Anniversary by inviting alumni, animators, founders, friends and Jesuit supporters to reflect on the Grihini story.

The celebrations began with a song of prayer and a colourful dance by current Grihini students, a dance that demonstrated the confidence gained at Grihini to perform and speak in public.

Robyn Habel and Anjali Habel-Orrell each sang a special song. Robyn’s song, entitled ‘Let Them Sing’ expresses the hope that voices of women such as those in Grihini will be heard far and wide. Anjali’s song, entitled ‘Almost There,’ reflects a dream of women like Grihini women seeking to reach their goal in life in spite of the extreme poverty in their villages.

The voices of the founders, animators and alumni are reflected in the links below. Their stories range from the day a Grihini woman paid the bus ticket of Fr Xavier after someone had picked his pockets to the day Grihini was upgraded to a local community college from which all who graduate are given a nationally recognised diploma. This new diploma now enables Grihini women to gain types of employment they would never have expected when Grihini first began.

25th Anniversary Celebrations

25th Anniversary Celebrations

A Community College for Women

Village Education for Women

Changed Lives of Village Women

Social Justice for Village Women

The Wider Impact of Grihini

Women Care for Disabled

Silver Jubilee Graduation

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