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Sponsorship means:


A gift of any amount is gratefully received.

A gift of $500.00 covers the cost of the living and educational costs of one woman for a whole year.

A gift of $100.00 covers the cost of the educational costs of one woman for a whole year.

All gifts of $2.00 or more forwarded through ALWS are tax deductible.

As a sponsor you may request a copy of

There are 3 ways to send contributions

  1. By Cheque
    Complete the form below, print it out and send with your cheque to the address provided.
  2. By Credit Card
    This can be done by email, by post or through the secure donations page on the ALWS website. Further instructions are here.
  3. By Direct Debit from your Bank Account
    Further instructions are here.

“I would like to sponsor a young woman for a year in the Grihini Program”


Please make cheques payable to:

Australian Lutheran World Service = ALWS
(and earmarked ‘for Grihini’)

Print this completed form and forward for processing to:

Dr Norman Habel,
10 University Way
Bellevue Hts SA 5050
who records all gifts and sends the appropriate receipt.

I would also like a copy of

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PS: All contributions to Australian Lutheran World Service are tax deductible. 5% goes to ALWS to cover necessary administration but the remaining 95% goes directly to Grihini to support the education and empowerment of women.

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