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Thanks to Friends of Grihini

The Grihini women wish to thank the many Friends of Grihini who have supported the program.

Grihini Staff

Current Grihini Staff say ‘Nandri’

There are now about 1500 Grihinis living in the remote Palni Hills around Kodaikanal. They all say Nandri (Thank You) to all the friends of Grihini in Australia and America who have provided the funding needed for the Grihini program to continue since 1987 and now to become a local community college.

The Grihini staff, the animators, the Jesuit priests at Sacred Heart College, the principal of Grihini Community College and the founders of Grihini also wish to say many thanks for the many years of support, or in Tamil Rumba Nandri.

There are numerous worthy programs that we are asked to support, but when we see the poorest of the poor women in the remote villages of India finding the confidence through the Grihini program to liberate themselves from their poverty and oppression we realise just how valuable this support has been.

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