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An AKKA Story
‘The last of the least’

Dency Michael

Grihini is a family and in that family I am akka, the elder sister. All the women call me akka. It is important that we model the ideal that we are all equal members of a family.

Most educational institutions look for students with high IQs, high grades and high academic potential. As a teacher at Kodai International School I understand that perspective. I am involved in Grihini, however, because it is committed to helping the last of the least, the poor in the villages who are thought to be unintelligent.

My interest was sparked initially when I was acting as a translator for Jan Orrell as she developed the Grihini program. When I saw her genuine commitment to educating the last of the least, the poorest of the poor in the villages, I too was inspired to join their struggle for liberation.

I did not have the resources or connections to help fund the program, but I was a local who knew the scene, free to give of my time and ready to provide personal support as an akka.

I also saw the Spirit of God at work in the amazing way that new hope was being engendered in the poorest women of the hills. My family has been Christian for five generations. This was the first time, however, that I really saw Christians in Kodai working to liberate the Dalit poor. I too was ready to take a stand. I am local but liberated.

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