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Foundation Day

After 25 years Grihini celebrated its Silver Anniversary as a Foundation Day when four of the original founders re-affirmed their vision for Grihini.

Janice Orrell

Janice Orrell – the Dreamer

At the Silver Jubilee Jan Orrell recalled her dream that she and her friends could create a relevant non-formal education program that would help the oppressed and poorly educated women of the villages in the Palni Hills to restore their sense of self-worth and to liberate themselves from an oppressive world that limited their life choices.

Fr. Arokiam

Fr Arokiam – the Mentor

Fr Arokiam reaffirmed his commitment as a Jesuit to the kingdom of God as the kingdom of the weak and the poor. His involvement in the struggle of the bonded labourers led him to support a Grihini program that would provide education for the ‘poorest of the poor.’

Dency Michael

Dency Michael – the Elder Sister

Dency Michael speaks of herself as a daughter of the soil, a local Tamil who knows intimately the pain and the poverty of the local village women. Dency has functioned as a guide, mentor and in the words of the Grihini, an akka (elder sister) for the young women in Grihini. Her commitment to the vision of Grihini is grounded in her intimate knowledge of the world of these village women. She is now principal of Grihini Community College.

Norman Habel

Norman Habel – the Advocate

Norman Habel was involved in the bonded labour struggle with Fr Arokiam and committed to social justice for the village women of South India. He has been an advocate of the Grihini program from the beginning and worked with friends of Grihini to support the program.

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