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Partners with the PEAK Team

In 1988, partly inspired by the commencement of the Grihini program, the local Jesuits led by Fr Amalraj and Fr Arockiam, initiated the PEAK (People’s Education for Action in Kodaikanal ) team to help facilitate the implementation of the Grihini principles in the villages themselves.

A small team of committed Jesuits became involved in rehabilitating repatriates from the bonded labour case, organising women’s sangams, supporting health care centres, running after-school tutoring classes and other extension programs associated with Grihini.

The leaders of these teams over the years have been Fr Amalraj, Fr Arockiam, Fr Kulandai, Fr Premkumar and Fr Xavier. In every case, their basic commitment to empowering the poor has remained paramount.

An excellent example of the PEAK projects is Inigo children’s hostel, next door to the Grihini School. The hostel provides housing and tutoring for Primary school children who have been prevented from attending school in their remote villages because of poverty and home conditions. This hostel enables these children to attend a local primary school and be supported.

Grihini graduates now function as the support staff for this hostel as well as other PEAK related programs. While Grihini and PEAK now function as separate programs, they work together for the welfare of village life.

The work of the PEAK team so inspired Anne Fitzpatrick, a young Aussie, that she rode her bicycle more than 4 thousand miles around Australia to raise funds to support the PEAK team activities.

Fr Premkumar and Grihini graduates working at the Inigo Children’s Home run by the PEAK team

Fr Premkumar and Grihini graduates working at
the Inigo Children’s Home run by the PEAK team.

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